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Hatha Yoga

Hatha – A Gentle Awakening All Levels


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    Are you feeling slouched, weak, or unaware in your posture?
    Learn simple techniques to practice better stability in your
    pelvis, ribs, and spine. Better posture means greater strength
    to hold yourself up physically, mentally, and emotionally. This
    is a slow and deep class. In life change is inevi...

  • Hatha Align Yourself – Gentle/Beginner

    Alignment simply could be described as a position of agreement. Think about it. If you want more love – are you physically, emotionally and mentally aligning to opening your heart? If you want to be strong and courageous – are you physically, emotionally, and mentally making choices to create str...

  • Hamstring Love – Level beginner and L...

    Tight hamstrings can be caused and lead to much discomfort. If you are doing repetitive motion over a long period of time like running, walking, or even standing you may find they become tight and restrictive. This can lead to low back and knee pain. This class will allow modifications to move in...