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Grounding Restorative


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    Let’s gently open up the front body in this practice. Keeping our immune system strong allows us to be protected against the environment around us. Take time for rest, eat to nourish yourself, limit your stress and anxiety – and when you know you are being stretched to thin, take time to dip into...

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    Our fast-streaming culture usually keeps us operating from our sympathetic nervous system, the flight, fight, or freeze pattern we all know so well. When we shift to the parasympathetic, though, we heal. We can return to our natural, relaxed state of being and begin to undo some of the havoc nons...

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    This posture actually has multiple positions. You will be playing with your blanket to slowly move it from lower, middle, and upper back. Allow a minimum of 5 minutes for each location. If you can be still in each up to 10 minutes. Silently in your mind say “I can rest, relax, and receive”.