14 Episodes

What you will physically need is important; bolster, blocks, and blankets. Here are some of the benefits:
Reduce anxiety and stress.
Manage pain, physical and emotional.
Better sleep.
Easy to do.
Great self-care.
The deep relaxed state you attain during restorative yoga allows you to physically release accumulated stress and anxiety in the form of tight muscles and a busy mind. You’ll leave the yoga session feeling calm and peaceful.

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  • Restorative Tips & Tricks

    Episode 1

    A video to share the tips and tricks that will allow you to fully enjoy this practice of total support and surrender. What you will physically need is important; bolster, blocks, and blankets. Here are some of the benefits:
    Reduce anxiety and stress.
    Manage pain, physical and emotional.

  • Restorative to Open the Heart

    Episode 2

    Feeling congested physically, mentally, and emotionally within the heart space? This practice begins in a left side lying pose to release the weight of all the organs. We will then move into a forward fold to bow and accept where we are. Finally, a beautiful pose to open the lungs, heart, throat,...

  • Restorative for the Spine

    Episode 3

    Deeply rest your achy and stiff back in this class. Much of our lower back pain is due to tight hips. We will gently allow the hips to open while surrendering and supporting the torso to the floor or bolster. A gentle twist will warm the muscles surrounding the middle and upper back. A wonderful ...

  • Restorative for the Digestive System and Low back

    Episode 4

    Feeling congested in the low back and belly? Let’s rest to digest! You will gently massage the digestive system by lying on the stomach while releasing low back in a supportive pose. There is no work in the upper body in this practice – only a resting state. We will continue with this theme of ma...

  • Restorative Hippie Love

    Episode 5

    Oh to the hips…so big and sometimes ornery. Let the heart rest as we open the hips in a space of love and kindness. All of the postures are done on the back body – we will even do legs up the wall to change our perspective. The pelvis area needs attention, as this is where we hold our feelings, m...

  • Aiding in Sleep Restorative

    Episode 6

    Get ready for sleep with this amazing evening restorative practice. I invite you to get in your PJ’s, set yourself up for the morning routine, and turn off all your electronics before starting this practice. It will prepare the body and mind for a deep night’s rest. Get your body and mind in tune...

  • Calm the Nervous System Restorative

    Episode 7

    Allow yourself to drop in and relax in your body. This practice will open the heart, ease the mind, and calm you completely. The nervous system is the major highway messenger to the brain. Sometimes the highway becomes so congested we begin to not feel the signals and well your highway becomes a ...

  • Grounding Restorative

    Episode 8

    Feeling scattered, cluttered, or foggy? This class will settle the dust. Postures will be taken that allow you to drop into your body with ease. Within this space the mind will become clear. A bolster is necessary in this practice.

  • Restorative to Boost Immune System

    Episode 9

    Let’s gently open up the front body in this practice. Keeping our immune system strong allows us to be protected against the environment around us. Take time for rest, eat to nourish yourself, limit your stress and anxiety – and when you know you are being stretched to thin, take time to dip into...

  • Restorative to Repair & Ground the Nervous System

    Episode 10

    Our fast-streaming culture usually keeps us operating from our sympathetic nervous system, the flight, fight, or freeze pattern we all know so well. When we shift to the parasympathetic, though, we heal. We can return to our natural, relaxed state of being and begin to undo some of the havoc nons...

  • Release Back Pain - 2nd Tutorial (restorative)

    Episode 11

    This posture actually has multiple positions. You will be playing with your blanket to slowly move it from lower, middle, and upper back. Allow a minimum of 5 minutes for each location. If you can be still in each up to 10 minutes. Silently in your mind say “I can rest, relax, and receive”.

  • Release Back Pain – 1st Tutorial (restorative)

    Episode 12

    A simple posture to support a tight, achy, and sore back. Sometimes all we have time for is one pose. Maybe all we need is one pose to feel whole again! This is the 1st short tutorial to release muscles along the spine. Stay put for at least 5 minutes, however 15 minutes is optimal. It takes the ...

  • Holiday De-stress Restorative

    Episode 13

    Humbling postures to let go and surrender where we are. All of the
    postures offered move the heart and head in a bowing space. Forward
    folds encourage feelings of gratefulness as we move into the seat of the
    self. Also gentle cleansing postures move us into the navel or sacral
    space where our ego...

  • Holiday Re-store-ative

    Episode 14

    Relax and unwind to refuel. All the postures in this sequence are down
    on our backs with easy transitions and long holds to settle in. It may be
    exactly what your mind, body, and soul order during high vibrational