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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga for the Liver and Gallbladder – All Level


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  • Yin for the Lungs, Heart, and Intestines

    When the heart chi is healthy we feel warm, nourished, and nourishing. When the lung-intestine chi is balanced we are confident, have courage and reverence. When these pairs are out of balance you may feel stagnant, a feeling of loss/grief, cloudy, and a sense of joylessness.

  • Yin for the Spleen and Stomach

    The spleen and stomach organ meridian pair directly relate to feeling at home inside ourselves, clear thinking, and our cycles in life are in a state of balance and harmony. When out of balance you may feel anxiety, off centered, inflexible, or unable to sleep.

  • Yin to Decompress Body & Mind

    Long day? Allow yourself to decompress and release tension out of your body and mind in this deep, still practice. Postures chosen are to prepare you for a much needed nurturing night of relaxation. Take care of yourself with this complete balanced yin yoga class.