Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

20 Episodes

It targets the connective tissue, joints of the body, and lengthening of muscles while offering an opportunity for meditation and contemplation. It is gentle yet intense, helping to release tension and to practice being present in the moment. Yin yoga is a beneficial complement to the more active styles of yoga. Open for all levels to practice. Remember 25% ease/surrender with 75% effort – I will direct you in the class.

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Yin Yoga
  • Yin Tips & Tricks

    Episode 1

    A short video to help assist you on your journey into yin yoga. It targets the connective tissue, joints of the body, and lengthening of muscles while offering an opportunity for meditation and contemplation. It is gentle yet intense, helping to release tension and to practice being present in th...

  • Balanced Chakra Yin Yoga – All Level

    Episode 2

    Balance your energy completely in this yin yoga class. This sequence uses Yin yoga poses to gently stimulate the 7 centres, so the energy starts to flow and the chakra can balance itself if needed. You will feel grounded and rejuvenated after practicing. Open to all levels.

  • Yin Yoga for the Lymph System – All Level

    Episode 3

    The lymphatic system is composed of a network of tissues, organs, and lymphatic vessels that carry lymph, a clear fluid, through the body ridding the body of toxins and waste. This clear fluid contains infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body. The health and function of your lymph...

  • Lungs, Circulatory System, and Aura Yin Yoga – All Level

    Episode 4

    Get still and steady working in this practice. Targeting the heart and lung channels this sequence of yin asana will open up your breath capacity, clear stagnant energy in the front and side lines of the body and uncover a gentle sense of joy. Remember to find your 25% edge where you can breathe ...

  • Lower Chakra Yin Yoga – All Level

    Episode 5

    Get still and steady working in this practice. Moving in the lower chakras allows to ground in where we are in our home(body), our relationship within that space(feelings), and how we direct ourselves in our life(willpower). The poses focus mostly deeply in the hamstrings, hips, low back, and nav...

  • New Moon Yin Yoga to Open Your Mind – All Level

    Episode 6

    A new moon is the perfect time to reflect, tune in, recharge and create a vision for the cycle ahead. A new moon invites us to slow down and to set a clear intention for a new beginning and for what we want to manifest in our lives. It’s about introspection and renewal aligned with our essence. O...

  • Yin Yoga for the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder – All Level

    Episode 7

    The kidney/urinary bladder pair are the foundations of a Yin and Yang balance for all other organs. They are the storehouses for vital energy and need to remain balanced for all other organs to function well. Simply, they are the organ pair that help maintain a stable environment when stressed or...

  • Yin Yoga for the Liver and Gallbladder – All Level

    Episode 8

    The liver is the largest gland in the body! The gallbladder is attached to the liver. Consider the liver the ‘general of the army’ and the gallbladder the upright official. Together they constantly make decisions for the entire body – mind. Basically they break down what our body cannot use. Ener...

  • Yin for the Lungs, Heart, and Intestines

    Episode 9

    When the heart chi is healthy we feel warm, nourished, and nourishing. When the lung-intestine chi is balanced we are confident, have courage and reverence. When these pairs are out of balance you may feel stagnant, a feeling of loss/grief, cloudy, and a sense of joylessness.

  • Yin for the Spleen and Stomach

    Episode 10

    The spleen and stomach organ meridian pair directly relate to feeling at home inside ourselves, clear thinking, and our cycles in life are in a state of balance and harmony. When out of balance you may feel anxiety, off centered, inflexible, or unable to sleep.

  • Yin to Decompress Body & Mind

    Episode 11

    Long day? Allow yourself to decompress and release tension out of your body and mind in this deep, still practice. Postures chosen are to prepare you for a much needed nurturing night of relaxation. Take care of yourself with this complete balanced yin yoga class.

  • Yin to Balance Heart and Head

    Episode 12

    Is your heart heavy and head congested? This class will target getting energetic movement to move up the spine to help create clarity in the mind. Gentle chest and back openers are offered to open the lungs and heart space. Be easeful and peaceful in this class so that it may be useful.

  • In Gratitude (Yin)

    Episode 13

    Open your heart to the magic of being in gratitude. This is not always easy, but necessary. Allow yourself to be still and steady in these postures to feel all that arises, to acknowledge, and without reacting – be the witness. Postures moving in hips, backbends, and twists move us in the kidney ...

  • Strengthen Your Intuition (Yin Yoga)

    Episode 14

    Clarity, connection, and harmony come from feeling and seeing what is. If you are feeling uncertain, foggy, scattered this class is for you. Deep hip, heart, and bowing postures to allow the dust to settle. These postures move in to the liver and gallbladder meridians. When in balance you will f...

  • Dedication (Yin)

    Episode 15

    Allow yourself to get still in breath and body in dedication. Envision your future self, someone you know, or the greater good while being in a state of steadiness. Picture light and love around your dedication. These postures move us in the lung, heart, and intestines meridians. When active and ...

  • Heart, Throat, and 3rd Eye (Yin)

    Episode 16

    I love. I speak. I see. We all need to fine tune this within our life’s. Whether it is to pour it out to the world around you or how you articulate to your Self…open your heart, communicate clearly, and connect to that wisdom soul self.

  • Heart, Lungs, and Throat Yin - Level 1/2

    Episode 17

    Move your life by moving into your breath deeper. This is a deep practice moving into side body to move into the lungs. We also open the chest and throat which may at times feel congested and heavy emotionally and/or physically. Breathe easefully in these postures to create space to settle in to ...

  • Rejuvenation – YIN Level 1/2

    Episode 18

    A head to toe work in! This class calls on all the effort with not a whole lot of time. We will work to balance your whole system, while allowing enough time restore energy and vitality to the body and mind.
    *May not be suitable for those with physical limitations in the knee and hip joints.

  • Heal Your Heart – All Level Yin

    Episode 19

    Steady and still to open the heart. Drop and stay awhile in these delicious postures that feed not only the heart but the whole body and mind! This class is available for all to participate.

  • Abdominal Cleansing – All Level Yin

    Episode 20

    Our gut health determines many things – self empowerment, courage, and strength being the most important. When it is balanced our digestive system is flowing with ease. It allows us to make decisions with direction and a sense of focus on where you are and where you want to go. Cleansing this loc...