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40 Day Sadhana for Letting Go

Day 6 Sadhana for Letting Go


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  • Day 7 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Full Moons come with Big Energy!
    Introducing the chant for creative energy and transformation, Har Hari. Pronounced Hud Ha-dee

    It is powerful and works directly with the lower chakra energies. I refer to these 3 major centers as being responsible for "me, myself, and I". How you see, feel, and ...

  • Day 8 Sadhana for Letting Go

    In today's class, we stay in our seats. It is amazing how much warmth can be created without even getting up.

    Can you be okay with being told to sit and stay?

    For some, this may be torture. However, the kundalini yoga practice is quite dynamic. It has the ability to change where and how you ar...

  • Day 9 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Sat Nam can be translated as...
    Truth is my name, my identity, my purpose.

    When we speak, think, and act from this place, we are aligned with our intuition and/or the heart. It feels good, supportive, and safe.

    It takes awareness and practice to adjust to what you desire. Old habits, self-limit...