40 Day Sadhana for Letting Go

40 Day Sadhana for Letting Go

41 Episodes

Enjoy a 20-25 minute full practice including connecting, pranayama, meditation, and kundalini yoga that will allow you space to let go of the stress, worries, and doubts to let in the possibilities and opportunities. The meditation will offer you a supportive space to begin to ground in and feel "I am Divine; creative, sacred, and invincible". If you are feeling overwhelmed or fearful this is the perfect practice for you to lean into. It is suitable for all students.

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40 Day Sadhana for Letting Go
  • Opening Letting Go 40-Day Sadhana Ceremony

    Episode 1

    Grab a pen and paper, light a candle, and have a seat on your mat or chair as we unfold what is ahead of us for the next 40 days! This is a time to set your intention for the next 40 days, so don't skip this important time for you to reflect and make a wish as you move forward into the spiritual ...

  • Day 1 Letting Go Sadhana

    Episode 2

    The inhale you expand to let in the new. The exhale you squeeze to release and let go. Hear it and allow your mind to rest on the power behind this action.

  • Day 2 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 3

    Savasana, a relaxation pose, is the final exercise. It is the opportunity to work the resistance of running away and allowing ourselves where we are. As we complete the physical part of class, I leave you with the opportunity to rest to digest where and how you are. If it ever becomes too much, l...

  • Day 3 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 4

    The Kirtan Kriya better known as Sa Ta Na Ma is the chant for New Beginnings. When you resight the sounds the vibration meets you where you are and what you need to begin a new path...

  • Day 4 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 5

    Moving the head on the neck to the left, right, up, and down is lubricating and strengthening for the muscles. It also opens and contracts the thyroid and parathyroid. I love pairing this with shrugging shoulders to drop the tension or weight of the world.

    The throat is the location where we he...

  • Day 5 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 6

    Practice tuning into the sensations of the effects of each exercise, breath, and meditation. How do the body, mind, and emotions respond? Then, stay still to just be with it. Often when we are uncomfortable, we may want to jump into something else to dismiss, ignore, or dilute whatever arises. Th...

  • Day 6 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 7

    Our engines need fuel to get going. You can eat, drink, breathe, and move to start up the engine. Kundalini yoga can be very cardiovascular! Like in today's class, you feel the blood circulating and the heart moving. You wake up to seeing and feeling more radiantly!

  • Day 7 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 8

    Full Moons come with Big Energy!
    Introducing the chant for creative energy and transformation, Har Hari. Pronounced Hud Ha-dee

    It is powerful and works directly with the lower chakra energies. I refer to these 3 major centers as being responsible for "me, myself, and I". How you see, feel, and ...

  • Day 8 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 9

    In today's class, we stay in our seats. It is amazing how much warmth can be created without even getting up.

    Can you be okay with being told to sit and stay?

    For some, this may be torture. However, the kundalini yoga practice is quite dynamic. It has the ability to change where and how you ar...

  • Day 9 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 10

    Sat Nam can be translated as...
    Truth is my name, my identity, my purpose.

    When we speak, think, and act from this place, we are aligned with our intuition and/or the heart. It feels good, supportive, and safe.

    It takes awareness and practice to adjust to what you desire. Old habits, self-limit...

  • Day 10 Sadhana for Letting go

    Episode 11

    This process of letting go requires you to show up and answer the call of the heart.

    1. Be still to listen to the body, mind, and heart's call.
    2. Accept what you need. Change comes with a need, want, or desire.
    3. Surrender and act by doing and/or saying what is needed to fully support yoursel...

  • Day 11 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 12

    The breath is one of our biggest teachers. When we tune in to the present moment our natural breath brings awareness to where and how we are. We can also direct the breath through pranayama to change that state for a specific purpose.

    The Gratitude Breath moves us into the parasympathetic nervo...

  • Day 12 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 13

    Notice where you are, how you are responding, and what needs to be adjusted. You are doing amazing!!!

  • Day 13 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 14

    Did you know that our minds and bodies crave repetition, especially when it is favorable like a reward?

    The reward pathway is connected to areas associated with memory and behavior. So once you finish something pleasurable — a reward — your brain will remember this behavior and make sure you rep...

  • Day 14 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 15

    The upper energy centers bring us the ability to trust our truth to see ourselves in everything and every area of the world. Connection and Faith are the drivers.

    The lower energy centers are directly associated with our humanness; me, myself, and I. From the things we have, need, or want that d...

  • Day 15 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 16

    Practice getting really good at...
    Loving yourself where you are, even if you don't like where you are.

    Why? You are human. You aren't always going to be beautiful, smart, and have it all figured out. You are going to screw up, struggle, and be a hot mess. Let's face it, life will come with some...

  • Day 16 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 17

    ¨Put all excuses aside and remember this: You are capable.¨ – Zig Ziglar

  • Day 17 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 18

    Our meditation elevates our vibration and removes fear and stress.

    Guru Guru Wahe Guru. Guru Ram Das Guru.

    Say it out loud to hear and feel it, whisper it to the lover in your heart, and silently move it into the infinite.

    I am divine: creative, sacred, and invincible.

  • Day 18 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 19

    This practice shines a light on all parts of you. And, you are one fabulously unique entity.

    Can you love all of yourself?

    What if the good, bad, and ugly were just human identifications made up because someone was uncomfortable allowing things to just be.

    Within this space lies contentment,...

  • Day 19 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 20

    Balancing the...
    The left and right hemispheres of the brain.

    We need both to work optimally in our life. Imagine you are so connected you clearly hear what the body, mind, and spiritual needs are.

    When one area is dominant it may prevent you from the message to rest or rise.

    "Sweetie, you ...

  • Day 20 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 21

    Congratulations! You have made it to the halfway point of the sadhana. Hopefully, you are beginning to feel and experience a rhythm; it could be simply dropping in to connect, the bliss within the pauses, the exhilaration of the exercises, or the letting go during savasana.

    Whatever and however ...

  • Day 21 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 22

    The Humming Bee Breath!

    Some of the benefits include:
    Calms and quiets the mind.
    Soothes the nerves.
    Relieves stress and anxiety.
    Dissipates anger.
    Lowers blood pressure.
    Bolsters the health of the throat.

    Many of these benefits are also felt during and after our meditation!

  • Day 22 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 23

    The chant we use in this class is broken down as...
    Sat means truth.
    Nam means name, identity, and/or purpose.
    Wahe means to be ecstatic or the Wow in life.
    Guru is the teacher or lesson.

    Be open to the truth that lies within the magical and mystical lessons.

  • Day 23 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Episode 24

    Sa Ta Na Ma ~ The Chant for New Beginnings

    When you repeat the sounds you have a choice at what level or vibration you want to speak it to.

    ~ Silently it moves this vibration to the infinite or beyond you: God, Divine, Mother Nature, Universe, or whatever feels right to you.

    ~ Whispering it sp...