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40 Day Sadhana for Letting Go

Day 10 Sadhana for Letting go


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  • Day 11 Sadhana for Letting Go

    The breath is one of our biggest teachers. When we tune in to the present moment our natural breath brings awareness to where and how we are. We can also direct the breath through pranayama to change that state for a specific purpose.

    The Gratitude Breath moves us into the parasympathetic nervo...

  • Day 12 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Notice where you are, how you are responding, and what needs to be adjusted. You are doing amazing!!!

  • Day 13 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Did you know that our minds and bodies crave repetition, especially when it is favorable like a reward?

    The reward pathway is connected to areas associated with memory and behavior. So once you finish something pleasurable — a reward — your brain will remember this behavior and make sure you rep...