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40 Day Sadhana for Letting Go

Day 21 Sadhana for Letting Go


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  • Day 22 Sadhana for Letting Go

    The chant we use in this class is broken down as...
    Sat means truth.
    Nam means name, identity, and/or purpose.
    Wahe means to be ecstatic or the Wow in life.
    Guru is the teacher or lesson.

    Be open to the truth that lies within the magical and mystical lessons.

  • Day 23 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Sa Ta Na Ma ~ The Chant for New Beginnings

    When you repeat the sounds you have a choice at what level or vibration you want to speak it to.

    ~ Silently it moves this vibration to the infinite or beyond you: God, Divine, Mother Nature, Universe, or whatever feels right to you.

    ~ Whispering it sp...

  • Day 24 Sadhana for Letting Go

    Move the Breath to Move Your Life.

    It sounds simple. What if we train ourselves to take deep breaths when being confronted with a challenge? This moment or chapter of your life could be one of growth and adversity.

    Imagine if we taught ourselves to slow down to deeply move fresh new air throug...