Yoga Talk

Yoga Talk

7 Episodes

Philosophy, Inspiration, & Beyond
Why do our hearts unfold, bodies feel strong, and minds get light when we practice? Because it is not about the exercise or pose. It is about what is happening energetically, emotionally, physically, and mentally in the process. Join me as we discuss some of the philosophy, history, and beyond. Grab a pen and paper as you may be inspired to write how you feel, where you are, and where you want to be.

Have questions or want to share? Go to the 'Forum' page to begin a topic and/or connect with the Yoga DiVita Community. Part of this journey is connecting with the self, however doing it with others allows a space of being seen and heard. This is the point - union with the self and all!

Fun Fact: Yoga DiVita means 'union with life', so join me here and on the 'Forum' page!

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Yoga Talk
  • Asteya - I am enough!

    Asteya or non-stealing is one of the ethical practices in the yogic philosophy. It is one of yamas, restraints, to upholding a supportive and harmonious relationship with ourselves and others. Grab a pen and some paper to dig deep into where and how you are.

    1st question - say out loud "I am en...

  • Contentment (santosha) = Time Management

    This video I invite you to notice how you spend your time and welcome you to begin navigating the past, present, and future to create the life you have always dreamed of having.

  • Satya – Truthfulness (Yoga Talk)

    Walking a life filled with truth and nonviolence is one the most
    rewarding. Satya is one ethical guidelines within the Yamas, or
    restraints, practiced in the yogic philosophy. This one dances with truly
    speaking in life from a place of kindness. When expressing from this
    place life feels vibrant ...

  • Good Health Reality Check

    Let's talk truthfully - how are you mentally, physically, and emotionally? Our bodies house our soul. Is the soul's home strong and supportive? Drop in to feel where you are.

  • Namaste - What does it mean?

    Let's break down 'namaste' so that it can be applied and practically used in your practice and in your life!!!

  • Ahimsa ~ 1st Step to Compassionate Living!

    Grab a paper and a pen as you join me in living a life in ahimsa, to do no harm living a life in balance and harmony. Over the next few months we will be exploring the Yamas & Niyamas, the ethical principles of yoga.

  • Empathetic Living

    Are you feeling confused, disconnected, or overwhelmed with the world around you? Does it sometimes feel like too much? Dawn will talk about recognizing it, tips and tools, and how to find ease-fullness within this amazing character trait! If you have a child who is empath, she will also share ho...