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  • Day 27 Sadhana

    The Solar Plexus is referred to as the "shining gem".

    It is the core of your personality and identity. When balanced, it allows your authentic self to shine brightly. This forms your deepest connections to willpower, self-discipline, and self-esteem.

    So if this week has been challenging for yo...

  • Day 28 Sadhana

    Inhalation represents taking in, receiving, strength, and the ability to nourish.
    Exhalation represents letting go, serving, elimination, and freedom.

    Which is easier for you to do?
    Which one is more challenging for you?

    Allow yourself a moment to ponder and maybe journal your answers.

  • Day 29 Sadhana

    Nadi Shodhana
    Reverse nostril breathing is beneficial at any time of day. It purifies your energetic channels while balancing your left and right brain hemispheres. It is referred to as a purification breath for this reason.