40 Day Sadhana for Honest Self

40 Day Sadhana for Honest Self

40 Episodes

Enjoy a 20-25 minute full practice including connecting, pranayama, meditation, and kundalini yoga to awaken and build the capacity to be your honest self. If you are in a place of trying to fine-tune "what do I want and need now?" This 40-day sadhana is a beautiful start as you begin to sift through past ideas, present expectations, and future fears. Speaking from your honest self. This practice can be done from the chair or the floor. If you choose to do it from a chair, please refer to the chair yoga tips and tricks video for reference.

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40 Day Sadhana for Honest Self
  • Day 1 Sadhana

    Episode 1

    It is time to do some weeding as we move into the season of blossoming.

    What does that mean? Pay attention to what, when, why, and how you speak. Winter is the season of moving inward, reflecting, and letting things go. However, some habits are just really hard to kill off.

    Introducing the N...

  • Day 2 Sadhana

    Episode 2

    Standing up in kundalini takes the practice to a different level. It becomes cardiovascular. You feel the heartbeat, the warmth flow, and the skin radiate. The heart is a muscle, so it is important to build strength in this very important organ.

  • Day 3 Sadhana

    Episode 3

    Part of being a great communicator is mastering being a great listener.

    At the beginning of our practice this morning, I took you on a path of tuning into the sounds around you. Maybe you heard your heater, fan, animals, or silence. Did your mind elaborate on any of this or even go on its own ta...

  • Day 4 Sadhana

    Episode 4

    Today's class began with our spinal flex by moving the head to open and close the throat. This is the practice of saying YES to the things you really want to do.

    Not that you kind of want to do it, but a HELL YES sign me up kind;)

    We then followed it by shrugging our shoulders.

    Was it hard or...

  • Day 5 Sadhana

    Episode 5

    The more and more you drop into where are you in your heart, body, and mind, the easier it is to filter through what is YOUR truth.

  • Day 6 Sadhana

    Episode 6

    The first Saturday of our 40-day journey. For some, it feels like any other day. While others it could mean a day off from work. It could even be a traveling day.

    When you are establishing a daily practice, it doesn't care where, when, or how you are showing up. It just matters that you do ~ sh...

  • Day 7 Sadhana

    Episode 7

    It is time to pour gratitude into where and how you are.

    No worries if you missed a day. Don't allow shame or guilt to enter this beautiful space you have created for yourself. The practice doesn't matter how you show up, it matters that you return to it.

    I want you to focus on where you are r...

  • Day 8 Sadhana

    Episode 8

    Week 2 starts off with a new breath and chant!

    Breath of Fire has so many benefits including:
    reduce stress
    boost brain function and energizes
    improve respiratory system
    strengthen abdominal muscles
    improve digestion

    We will be using this breath off and on throughout our 40-day sadhana. Don't w...

  • Day 9 Sadhana

    Episode 9

    When wishing for something new, how do you create room for it?

    This morning, I made a list of the things I wish 'less' of and the things I want 'more' of. It is kind of like creating a pros and cons list. Let me encourage you to not place good or bad, positive or negative on what arises. This is...

  • Day 10 Sadhana

    Episode 10

    This Morning Connection

    The world is always spinning, yet we don't necessarily notice it. However, when the chaos around us feels out of control, it can be very hard to find a sense of grounding in love & light. We may feel drawn into the chaos.

    This morning, I began with a guided tantric medit...

  • Day 11 Sadhana

    Episode 11

    Sometimes in the practice (life), from where you are standing or sitting, the floor looks really far away. Fear may creep in where pain already exists.
    There is always a way. I promise. Stay steady in this practice.
    Change your perspective and lean into what will support you.
    I know this becaus...

  • Day 12 sadhana

    Episode 12

    Sometimes we need to listen more. Whom am I kidding, most of the time we need to listen and physically move our bodies more;)

    When the mind is overrun by a million thoughts, do something physically.
    Go for a walk, swim, garden, paint, bike ride, dance, or even clean your house LOL:)

    When we ge...

  • Day 13 Sadhana

    Episode 13

    Even on Saturdays
    What do you do daily that is good for you?
    This is one of those things. Hopefully, after almost 2 weeks, you are starting to recognize why it benefits you.

  • Day 14 Sadhana

    Episode 14

    At the beginning of class, we allow ourselves to ground in where we are in the body and our environment. This technique is very effective when feeling disconnected, anxious, or overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts. The next time you feel like you are spinning out of control, remember to "squeeze ...

  • Day 15 Sadhana

    Episode 15

    It is time to open up to the magical, mystical, and unexpected lessons and teachers in life ~ Wahe Guru

    When we are resting in a state of, "I am exactly where I am supposed to be, even if it doesn't feel or look like I planned it." The Universe has big plans for you.

    Are you listening?
    Are yo...

  • Day 16 Sadhana

    Episode 16

    Squats cleanse and ground us. It gets us out of fear, doubt, and worry and into the heart. When we feel safe, supported, and strong it allows us to trust where we are.

  • Day 17 Sadhana

    Episode 17

    Kundalini Yoga moves our bodies, breath, and mind to a more centrally harmonious space.

    Yang - Yin
    Dark - Light
    Sun - Moon
    Feminine - Masculine
    Left - Right
    Up - Down
    Inward - Outward

    When we are in a state of balance, our perspective begins to broaden, and possibilities and opportunities becom...

  • Day 18 Sadhana

    Episode 18

    Where there is challenge, there is growth. As you are practicing, notice what the challenge feels like for you.

    It could be the mind chatter directing your next move from continuing on past your edge or allowing you to modify to honor yourself.

    It could be your physical strength, flexibility,...

  • Day 19 Sadhana

    Episode 19

    How do we cleanse and awaken the heart?
    Connect to it. Move & Feel it. Rest within it.
    Allow yourself to truly own where you are in your body today. Take any modifications that you need to hold a space where you can smile and breathe.

  • Day 20 Sadhana

    Episode 20

    Your willpower and curiosity have the ability to direct your life through trust and creative expression.

    In this class, we focus on powering up our core!

    Your Third Chakra, manipura, says "Radiate your power in the world." It is characterized by the expression of will, personal power, and menta...

  • Day 21 Sadhana

    Episode 21

    Even on Holiday...Practice Practice Practice

    What will happen if you stay in it?
    Greater patience, energy, strength, peace, sleep, mindfulness, & flexibility.
    Who will benefit?

    I hope you have a fabulous day wherever you are.

  • Day 22 Sadhana

    Episode 22

    To initiate or begin anything, we need action.

    You can pray for it, think about it, meditate on it, and look for all the signs, but there is no better way to make change than through speaking and action to activate manifestation.

    Breathing Practices
    The breath of inhaling the left nostril and e...

  • Day 23 Sadhana

    Episode 23

    Har hari will show you where your work is. It will give you the power to cut through the excuses, procrastination, and negative habits that prevent you from reaching your desired destination. So;

    Where do you want to be?
    How do you want to feel?
    What have you wanted to do?

    As challenges arise ...

  • Day 24 Sadhana

    Episode 24

    Get really good at asking, listening, and responding compassionately to "What do you need to feel good?"
    The practice helps move energy so that you can hear your honest truth.