Yang to Yin 1-Hour Classes

Yang to Yin 1-Hour Classes

12 Episodes

Each class will begin with a meditation to direct our minds by utilizing tools like chanting, mudras, or breathwork.
To cleanse the physical body, we will move the body through kundalini or hatha yoga to warm and stimulate stagnant energy. This is open to all level students. Modifications will be offered.
Consider the first part of the class as a chance to move outwardly, the physical body, to safely go inward and observe the mind.
As we get to the floor, we will practice different yin yoga postures to embrace the steady and still physical body. This will allow space to supportively listen and connect to our emotions and mind.

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Yang to Yin 1-Hour Classes
  • Yang to Yin ~ Full Moon

    Episode 1

    We will begin class with a kundalini meditation for clarity of mind. Then we will move in some kundalini yoga to help dust off and move out any stagnant or stuck energy. Lastly, grab your blanket and blocks as we will settle in some yummy yin postures for the last 30 minutes of class.

    Please mod...

  • Yang to Yin

    Episode 2

    In the first half of class, we cleanse me, myself, and I. As we rest in our yin postures, we focus on our roots (legs), hips, and lower back.

  • Yang to Yin Full Body

    Episode 3

    In the first half of class enjoy the true feeling of rising and grounding of kundalini yoga. We transition into the humbling deeply seated yin yoga postures. Sat Nam ~ Dawn

  • Yang to Yin: Stomach & Spleen

    Episode 4

    This class focuses on the stomach and spleen meridian pair. Our ability to take in and utilize what will nourish us comes from this pair.

    Modify or pause as much as needed.

  • Yang to Yin: 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Chakras

    Episode 5

    This class is all about cleansing and balancing the 2nd and 3rd chakras to allow space to be content in the 4th.
    * You will be offered legs up the wall at the end of class. If it is possible, position your mat near a wall or a closed door. No worries if it is not. An alternate position will be o...

  • Yang to Yin: Kidneys & Urinary Bladder Meridian Focus

    Episode 6

    The kidney and urinary bladder are associated with our emotional and mental attitudes. They often are turned on to help us survive! However, if we don't allow ourselves to repair and nurture this space, we react out of past experiences instead of new possibilities.

    This is the perfect class to a...

  • Yang to Yin: Lower Chakras

    Episode 7

    We will begin standing up. Please have a block, blanket, and strap ready. If you do not have a strap, I will provide modifications.

    A class that allows us to rest in;
    I am protected in this world. I am rooted in the present moment. I am exactly where I'm meant to be. I have a radiant spirit. I ...

  • Yang to Yin Hips & Heart

    Episode 8

    Today's class was all about the hips to heart. Our kundalini practice warmed us up so that we could feel where we are to then allow space to meet ourselves there in stillness in yin.

    To truly be where you are is...You seeing You!

    Modify as much as you need. Take care of yourself!

  • Yang to Yin: Liver & Gallbladder

    Episode 9

    When the liver is in a state of equilibrium, it can move us toward our goals, allowing us to plan and follow a steady course. It can keep us on track with our plans and ambitions, and protect us from those who want to cross our boundaries and take our energetic reserves.

    Kundalini yoga is a huge...

  • Yang to Yin: Upper Chakras

    Episode 10

    I have heard some say when your heart and mind are balanced decisions can be made in just a few seconds. There is no foggy brain, heavy heart, or knot in your throat, however, you clearly know your heart's desires.

    You trust the truth in what YOU see and feel!

    Please have a blanket and a block....

  • Yang to Yin: Grounding

    Episode 11

    What makes you feel ungrounded?

    I think most of us would agree, it is really hard to be still when we are in pain. We are the masters of denial, procrastination, and getting really busy.

    What if we carved out space to rest?

    What would that look like?

    When we allow stillness, we may hear the...

  • Yang to Yin: New Beginnings

    Episode 12

    This class is focused on New Beginnings.

    Sa Ta Na Ma is the meditation or chant for New Beginnings. It opens up new possibilities or pathways.

    I am sure we have all heard the saying "Nothing changes if nothing changes". It is a simple, yet profound concept.

    If you want to feel, create, or ha...